6 Best Latex Mattress Of 2021

How do you feel when sleeping comfortably at night? It is the best way of removing your all stress and fatigue of the entire day. A pleasant all night sleep enables you to get started with a fresh new day. It does not allow you to keep you fit and healthy but also offers you a fresh start next morning.

Mattress plays a significant role in the comfortable sleep. It helps in relaxing all of your muscles so that you should feel better after taking rest/sleep on them. These mattresses provide you latex as well as comfortable support so that you can better enjoy the all-night sleep. The latex mattresses are mainly designed and developed by keeping age, sex and much more in mind of the customer.

With the changing world, the shape, size and the comfort level of mattresses have also been changed. There are different types of bedding in the market available today; depending on the size of bed you are looking forward. The mattresses are filled with memory foam, latex or framework of innerspring for better results.

With the changing world, the filled up material has also somewhere replaced with air or water. There are different types of best latex mattress available in the market which you will surely love to have.

Before we move towards to check out the best latex mattresses, first we need to go through the detail about latex which I have mentioned below.

What Is A Latex Mattress?

In a simple language if I explain you then the latex foam is manufactured by using the sap of rubber trees which is specially planted and maintained for latex and for rubber production. This latex mattress is not using any traditional mattress technology which is using for an innerspring mattress or air mattress.

The latex mattress is considered the best mattress for a back pain, durability and also it is natural and healthy. It is also the best for those who have any allergies issue because it is built with the hypoallergenic organic material which makes it healthy and eco-friendly mattress.

Types Of Latex

There are three different types of latex are used to populate mattress inside the core. At the outset, all the kind have similar things like its spring feel and its firmness, but all are different from prices, quality, and durability.

1. Natural Latex

The natural latex mattress is normally created from the rubber trees sap and this sap is a sticky and milky kind of liquid which is found in the rubber tree. The method to collect this sap is called “tapping”, it means incisions made into the peel of the tree, the sap flows out and it is ready to refine to use any of the choosing methods.

Actually, it is hard to find out 100% organic latex mattress in retail outlets or in a showroom and it is almost expensive than any other types of the mattress because of its manufacturing and extraction cost are involved. If you are planning to buy a natural latex mattress then online is one of the best options for you. There you will get more options to see at an affordable price and choose as per your need and budget.

2. Synthetic Latex

Synthetic means it is a human-made material, which is manufactured by using human-made chemical elements in a laboratory. This human-made synthetic latex performs similar like the above natural latex. This synthetic latex is widely available in the market at a cheaper rate than natural latex. But the main thing is that the durability of cheaper synthetic latex is not good.

3. Blended Latex

Blended Latex is a mixture of Natural Latex and Synthetic Latex and the combination of a mixture is 30% natural and 70% synthetic latex. Sometimes the combination of the mixture could also be an equal 50%, to reduce the cost.

However, the manufacturer says that they are selling blended latex mattress but they don’t tell you about the percentage of the natural latex and synthetic latex, so take care of this thing. This blended latex type is cheap and common which gives you a great balance of both the aforementioned types such as durability, build-quality, and value for the money.

Types Of Latex Mattresses

The Latex Mattresses are available in three different types, each type of latex mattresses are built with the unique design and technique and also it performs differently. So below are the types of latex mattresses.

1. All Latex

All latex means the full mattress from top to the bottom and from edge to edge this is built with the latex only, it would be a 100% natural, synthetic, blended, Dunlop or Talalay. This kind of mattress is an expensive one and also you will not get easier because the demand of this mattress is less comparatively other kinds of a mattress.

The plus point of this mattress is that it provides you good motion isolation and have no off-gassing issues like memory foam mattresses. It also provides you an excellent orthopedic support and this is why this is the best mattress for lower back pain relief.

2. Latex Over Foam

This latex over foam built with the multiple layer design, as it comes with a top thinner layer of latex over a thicker base layer which is normally cooling gel or Visco memory foam. This material is somewhat more available in the market than the above all latex.

The price of this type of mattress is depended upon the thickness of each layer but it is cheaper than all latex. This type of mattress is a good option for those who have joint pain or back pain problems and also it provide good motion isolation.

3. Foam Over Latex

This one is opposite from the above, here top thinner layer is made of gel or Visco memory foam over a thicker base layer of a latex. But in this multiple layer design, it is available in between of a top foam and base foam only 2 inches thick.

Types Of Latex Foam

In natural and synthetic latex there is two main latex foam that can be made that is Dunlop or Talalay. In this latex processes, we get foam as a result having same satisfaction rating but with different characteristics.  Talalay has been gaining popularity over the years whereas Dunlop latex has been around for longer than Talalay.

1. Dunlop Latex Foam

In the Dunlop latex process, the latex is poured into the mold until it’s full and we get complete one piece of latex. This process allows the material to settle from the bottom, creating a hard feel on the one side of latex. Now will move on to the characteristics of latex which is extremely durable also maintains comfort and bounce that we all love about it. But the only negative point of Dunlop is that it has consistency issues due to a settling of material during the process.

2. Talalay Latex Foam

In the Talalay process, a small amount of latex mixture is poured into the mold and after that air is extracted which creates a consistent open cell structure in the foam. It is then flash frozen and divided into multiple sections that are glued together creating final foam and this final result of Talalay latex foam creates great bounce, coolness, responsiveness, and consistency.

Top-Rated Best Latex Mattress Comparison

No. Mattress Brand Warranty Trial Period Rating Price
1. Sleep Envie - Best Memory Foam Mattress Sleep Envie 25 Year 100 Night Sleep Envie - Best Memory Foam Mattress
2. DreamFoam - Best Memory Foam Mattress DreamFoam 10 Year 120 Night DreamFoam - Best Memory Foam Mattress
3. Eco Terra - Best Memory Foam Mattress Eco Terra 15 Year Eco Terra - Best Memory Foam Mattress
4. LUCID - Best Memory Foam Mattress LUCID 25 Year LUCID - Best Memory Foam Mattress
5. Latex for Less - Best Memory Foam Mattress Latex for Less 20 Year Latex for Less - Best Memory Foam Mattress
6. Ultimate Dreams - Best Memory Foam Mattress Ultimate Dreams 10 Year 120 Night Ultimate Dreams - Best Memory Foam Mattress

Best Latex Mattresses Under $600

 1  Sleep Envie – Memory Foam & Natural Latex Mattress

Sleep Envie - Best Latex Mattress

Sleep Envie - Best Latex Mattress

Sleep Envie is a ubiquitous and accessible name in the field of a latex mattress. It provides you best latex mattress which is quite capable of producing you best and comfortable sleep all night.

This fantastic latex mattress is designed and developed from naturally responsive memory foam latex mattress so that you could get increased support for a restful sleep throughout the night. Sleep Envie is a queen size latex mattress which provides you the complete balance of total body support along with supreme comfort.

This fantastic mattress provides you dual support and also fits well with the body shape of each sleeper regardless of their age and sex. This best latex mattress includes superior sleep surface with 10-inch height so that you could quickly to get soft comfort along with proper support for your spine. This fantastic bedding contains excellent air circulation with the open cell natural structure of latex so that you could get superior breathability for a comfortable sleep.

Best Latex Mattresses Under $700

 2  DreamFoam – Ultimate Dreams Firm Latex Mattress

DreamFoam - Best Latex Mattress

DreamFoam Mattress is best latex mattress of the year 2017 which you can efficiently use it with your regular sized bed. It is 10 inches latex mattress which is quilted inside a bamboo cover for the long-lasting results. This best latex mattress is composed of Talalay Latex and high-density base foam so that you could get the best comfort you ever had. This fantastic bed in designed in developed in the USA which means one of the best latex mattresses used worldwide.

DreamFoam Mattress is best known for providing you best quality comfort along with a little softness on the top so that you could better experience of feeling like pampering in your mother laps. DreamFoam mattress includes all the features of a perfect bed which provides you comfortable and relaxed all night sleep. This mattress is quite capable of delivering you luxurious resilience along with enhanced breathability.

Best Latex Mattresses Under $800

 3  Eco Terra 11 – Luxury Latex Mattress

Eco Terra - Best Latex Mattress

Eco Terra is best latex mattress which comes up in various sizes according to the need of the user. This fantastic latex mattress is developed from 100 percent natural latex and fabric encased coils so that you could feel the best results you ever had. The best part of this bed is that it does not include any fillers, additives or off gassings for construction and hence enables you to extract ultimate results from it.

It is one of the best medium-sized queen mattresses which perfectly fit well for the majority of the sleepers, which means that can be quickly and undoubtedly used for different types of sleepers regardless of their age, sex and way of seeping.

Eco Terra is one of the best alternatives of a mattress having memory foam which means that you can enjoy the feeling of cradled and support regardless of your sleeping positions. This fantastic latex mattress is developed from beautiful pinstripe organic cotton fabric quilted along with soft foam backing for extra comfort and also enables you to get minimized motion disturbance of your partner.

Best Latex Mattresses Under $1000

 4  LUCID 16 – Plush Memory Foam and Latex Mattress

LUCID - Best Latex Mattress

LUCID - Best Latex Mattress

It is one of the best latex mattresses in the market which provides you ultra plush comfort with the included 10-inch support layer. LUCID 16 are well known for giving latex, and memory foam layer provides support and pressure relief to the customer.

LUCID 16 is one of the best mattresses in the market today which includes bamboo charcoal memory foam quilted inside a breathable TENCEL blend cover which means that extra much and enhanced comfort throughout the night.

We know that the material is extraordinarily fantastic and hence is quite enough to provide you reliable and long-lasting results. Moreover, this excellent mattress includes open cell technology which prevents lasting body impressions so that you can enjoy the comfort throughout its whole lifetime. The best part about this bed is that you can quickly box it and ship wherever and whenever it required and hence also enhance your convenience of carriage.

 5  Latex for Less 9 – Natural Latex Mattress

Latex for Less - Best Latex Mattress

It is one of the best latex mattresses which provide you extra luxury and comfort along with 8-inch pure natural latex along with 1-inch of organic cotton cover. This fantastic latex mattress is quite capable of letting you enjoy two firmness options in a single piece. This bed is the firm of one side whereas medium on another from which you can easily choose the one which you thinks better and comfortable.

Latex for less is best latex mattress which includes GOTS certification certificate for organic cotton which is quite enough for explaining its comfort and luxury. The price tag of this fantastic bedding does not felt to be so high according to the beautiful features.

Latex for less is entirely designed and developed in the USA and does not include the use of any harsh chemicals during the developmental processes. The mattress consists of natural wool fire barrier along with the beautiful feature of hypoallergenic.

 6  Ultimate Dreams – Eurotop Latex Mattress

Ultimate Dreams - Best Latex Mattress

Ultimate Dreams provides you best latex mattress you ever had. These are 12 inches, eastern king, Talalay Latex mattress which includes a zipper cover Eurotop so that you can quickly change your latex cover. This best latex mattress is developed from Talalay latex along with high-density base foam so that you could extract the long lasting results from it. This fantastic bedding is naturally hypoallergenic and provides you natural protection from dust mites or antimicrobial infection and hence provides you comfortable and safe sleep.

It is one of the best latex mattresses available in the market today which enhances your experience a step higher. The firmness and the durability of the product are one of the best things that need to be appreciated. Now, you can easily enjoy the relaxed, safe and comfortable sleep all night and that too along with enhanced breathability and luxury.

Final Word

Best sleep is essential for every person for keeping yourself fit and fresh for the next morning. It is the best way of keeping your muscles relaxed and gets them ready for the hard work of the upcoming day. There are various best latex mattresses as mentioned above from where you can easily choose the one for you which fits well as per your needs.